Thursday, 25 August 2011

The song that i like

This is the song that I like so much

Talking to the moon
Sang by Bruno Mars

This song really touch my heart because the lyric really deep and show how much the guy love her girlfriend, how much he want her back and she is his world eventhough she is already past away. The lyric mention that people think he is crazy because talking to the moon but he is actually praying that his lover are safe at the other side.

The second reason i like this song is beacause it really shows the meaning of true love eventhough you can't be with the one you love

that's all from me...Thank you

Oprah Winfrey

Questions on Oprah Winfrey

    Questions and Answers:

    1. Has anyone ever influenced you in the way Sidney Poitier influenced Oprah Winfrey? Explain

    Yes, he is Tan Sri P.Ramlee, this is because he show me that you can do almost anything and succeed in everything you do if you put your effort.

    2. List TWO 'enormous obstacles" Oprah had to face as a child.

    I. She was born to unwed teenage parents and living in a segregated society.
    II. She suffered physical and mental abuse from family members and friends of her family.

    3. Who raised Oprah until she was six? Where was she raised until she was six?

    She was raised by her maternal grandmother on a farm in rural Mississippi.

    Critical Thinking

    4. Why do you think Oprah does charity work with families in africa?

    I think this is because, she want to  improve race relations, helping others change their life and she does not want others to face the same difficulties she faced before.

    5. Why do you think Poitier wrote this article? Explain your answers.

    I think, Poitier wrote this article because he want to show the world that it is not what your past what make you today, but what you are going to do today and tomorrow. This is my answer because the article are mainly mentioning about Oprah's past and what has her achieved now.

    6.Based on this selection, what do you think of Oprah Winfrey? Do you like her? Do you think that reading about her will have an incluence on your life? Explain your answer.

    I think that she is an incredible person and a very strong hearted person. Yes, I do like her because she is truly an idol for us as human and reading about her really do influence me in making me to a more optimistic person and try my best in making my own life a better one.