Sunday, 18 September 2011

Question on Mattie Stepanek

Reviews on Mattie Stepanek

Questions and answers

1. Who was Mattie Stepanek?
- Mattie Stepanek or Matthew Joseph Thaddeus Stepanek was an American Poet who became a peace advocate and motivational speaker. He also lobbied on Capitol Hill on behalf of peace, people with disabilities and children with life-threatening conditions.

2. Why do you think he was famous?
- He was famous because of his masterpieces that moves everyone that read it and he was only three when he wrote most of his poetry such as the books entitled Heart Songs, Journey Through Heartsongs, Celebrate Trough Heartsongs and Loving Trough Heartsongs that made the New York Times bestsellers list.

3.What is the meaning of posthumously?
- Posthumously means occuring after someone's death. This was referring to the two additional books was published after Mattie Stepanek's death entitled Reflections of a Peacemaker and secondly Just Peace: A Message of Hope.

4. What does President Jimmy Carter means with reference to Mattie Stepanek?
- President Jimmy Carter means that he was quoting Mattie Stepanek's life philosphy and motto. Mattie Stepanek's philosophy was `Remember to play after every storm' and his motto was 'Think Gently, Speak Gently, Live Gently'.

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