Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Reading Task- A Matter of Balance

Question 1

Exploring Meaning

a.What significant events or details in the story are revealed through flashbacks?

Firstly, in the flashbacks the significant events are Harold was beaten by bad kids in his public school days who used to block the sidewalk but he just walked pass them when he was in gred two. The flashbacks also tell us about his dead wife's death due to sickness and Harold was sick for a year and he need to see physchiatrist to soothen his pain and depression for losing his wife.

b.What inferences can you make regarding the fate of Harold's wife? about the nature of his illness?

Regarding the fate of Harold's wife, I can conclude that she suffered and killed because in the short stories mentioned "Since their mother da been killed" in paragraph four page 252 and Harold wondered did his wife screamed like that when six of her fingernails had been broken and Cronklin said his children and his grandchildren would feel the effects. Next, about the nature of Harold's sickness is that he was sick due to his depression because of the death of his wife and that made his body weakened and almost made Harold crazy. This is shown in the text "His Short stay in hospital for depression" in page 259.

c.From the beginning of the story, Harold's behaviour is motivated by feelings of uneasiness. How does the author develop these feelings?

The authors develop the feelings of uneasiness by implying and repeating the use of monologue by Harold thinking all sort of bad things that will happen and this shows the pessimistic side of Harold.

d.How does Harold rationalize his leaving the bikers in such a dangerous position? What other reason he might have? Do you think his actions are justified?

Harold rationalize his actions by building many ideas such as the biker will continue their evil intentions, if the bikers are charged they will hunt him and he will live in fears, he does not have enough equipment and lastly he was afraid that if one of the bikers die, he will be charged with manslaughter. The other reasons he might have are maybe he want to get revenge on what his childhood's bullies had done to him and he might want to keep the gold only for himself.  But, I do not think his actions are justified because it does not matter how bad a person may be, we do not have the right to end someone life because that is the God's job and we must see good in someone no matter how bad they maybe are.

e.Comment on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the title.

The title of the story that is A matter of balance is really appropriate because it signifies the need of balance in life.This is shown in the last part of the story because if we do bad things, bad things will happen to us and that is karma. It also shows the environment of the story because the story revolves around hills and steep mountain paths and hikers need balance to avoid themselves from falling.

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